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Tuesday, April 29th, 2003
11:49 pm
::having started to get all stressed out and "blah" about school, what with NEWTs and the Quidditch Cup approaching, uses the cloak Charlie gave her to sneak off to go visit Fred and George, at their new location::

::knocks and waits to hear the dog barking::
Monday, April 7th, 2003
12:45 pm
::sending off some owls::
Owl to Mum and DadCollapse )</i>

Seperate but identical owls to all her brothersCollapse )</i>

Owl to ColinCollapse )</i>

::sits up in the owlery for a while until one of the owls flies in and some owl droppings land on her shoulder::


::hurries out of the owlery, then to Gryffindor Tower to change and shower::
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Thursday, April 3rd, 2003
1:57 pm
::a bookstore in hogsmeade::
*walks through the isles, touching the spines of several books while passing by the shelves, softly humming to the classical music playing in the background, slowly she picks up a small leather bound novel on the floor and starts to flip through it, finding it interesting, she sits down on a sofa with it and a double mocha latte*

Current Mood: bitchy
Thursday, March 27th, 2003
1:33 am
::his flat::
*It's late, and he's just taken a long needed rest after packing his things up for the move, when he receives an owl summoning him to his family's estate back in Wales. Normally he would have disregarded it, but the urgency in the simple missive makes him reach for his cloak. He jots out a quick note ot Katie explaining that he's been called away, but that he'll return as quickly as possible. Sending it off with his family owl, he grabs his broom and opens the large window that leads to a small balcony. It's only a matter of moments before he takes off into the night sky.*

Current Mood: anxious
Monday, March 24th, 2003
11:23 am
*having a day off and with Fred busy elsewhere, he decides to go visit Ginny. He felt awful about not seeing her for so long, so, after leaving a note for Fred saying where he'll be, he apparated to Hogsmeade and headed up to Hogwarts. He was currently roaming the halls, feeling dreadfully nostalgic as he searched for Ginny.*

Current Mood: cheerful
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Saturday, March 22nd, 2003
10:04 pm
*sitting in the Leaky Cauldron, his feet propped negligently in the seat of a chair, leaning back in his own chair, he glanced around the room, rather bored*

Current Mood: bored
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8:46 pm
*comes home...
...from a particularly stressful day at work and flops backward onto the couch, sighing slightly as she wiggles out of her coat, blouse, and skirt, kicking off her shoes as well, reaching back to let her hair down, leaving her in a slip and tank top, sprawling out a bit, happy to be at home*
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8:41 pm
*flounces into the flat...
...after going the the gym, immediately stripping down and heading for the shower, yawning as he heads into the bathroom, shooing the kittens away and hopping into a hot shower*
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Sunday, March 16th, 2003
8:00 pm
*in the flat*
*stretching out slightly on the couch on his stomach, having returned to practice for the first time since being injured today, rolling his shoulders slightly and smiling as Demon and psyche crawl all over his back*
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Thursday, March 13th, 2003
9:37 pm
*walking through Diagon Alley, hands in the pockets of his muggle pants, chewing on his bottom lip as he roams through the shops, not really having a destination in mind as he walks*
9:18 pm
* sitting on the deck of her Hogsmeade flat*
Bored. bored. bored. Ooh! Alcohol! *she goes to her liquor cabinet and pulls out her favorite bottle of brandy and a small rock glass, then heads out on to the deck. setting the bottle and glass down on a worn wooden table, she lights her cigarette and settles into one of the large Adirondak chairs. She pours herself some brandy and sips it while staring off into the night* Mmm...spring is coming on. DOn't even need a blanket tonight... *breathes deeply* Smells like earth and heather...

Current Mood: lonely and bored
Wednesday, March 12th, 2003
7:51 pm
*in his hospital room, wearing the clothes that were brought for him, running his fingers through his hair, leaning back against the wall, the doctors having told him that he's free to leave, though he's not sure what to do because he still doesn't remember a thing, and he's still trying to adjust to the feelings he does have for Wood, as well as the animosity he remembers having, chewing on his lip, fingering an unlit cigarette in his fingers, wondering why he has no craving for one*
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Tuesday, March 11th, 2003
8:26 pm
Owl to Fred and GeorgeCollapse )

::after sending off the owl, sits up in the owlery for a while thinking about Colin, then scribbles out another note::

Owl to ColinCollapse )

::sits for a while in the owlery, collecting her thoughts, looking out at the dark forest and feeling the night air on her face::

Current Mood: drained
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7:45 pm
*sitting in his room at the wizarding hospital*
*sitting cross-legged on the bed, staring at the mirror the doctors brought in at his request, eyes narrowed slightly, figuring that Wood must have told the truth because he does look seven years older, blinking slightly as he pulls the collar of his shirt aside, his figners running over the bite mark there, cocking his head slightly, muttering* Huh.

Current Mood: confused
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7:02 pm
In the leaky cauldron...
* ...sitting alone in the corner, a light and slightly coy smile on her face, twiddling a curl of hair in between her fingers, a large glass of butter beer in front of her... *

Current Mood: flirty
Monday, March 10th, 2003
8:14 pm
*sitting at Flint's bedside...
...in a wizarding hospital in London, having been there for quite a while, face riddled with stress, swallowing as he looks down at the unconscious Flint, lightly stroking the back of Flint's hand with his thumb, about in tears, going over what happened in his head, having only seen Flint spiraling to the ground after being hit in the head with a bludger, sighing and kissing his hand, shaking his head*
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2:01 pm
*in the staff room*
*sitting on one of the battered couches, drinking coffee from a dark green coffee mug while going over plays to teach the teams, stretching his back slightly and rolling his shoulders as he edited a play or two so that he could teach it to the students*

Current Mood: busy
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Sunday, March 9th, 2003
11:20 pm
::roaming the streets::
::in wolf form, tracking a scent through the back alleys of Muggle London, pretty much blending in with the shadows, definitely not looking to be seen or heard as he hunts, he's not sure why this scent is digging in the back of his mind, but he knows he should recognize it, but can't figure it out in his wolf form::

Current Mood: predatory
Saturday, March 8th, 2003
9:07 pm
::Visiting Hogwarts::
*enters through the large oak doors of Hogwarts. She walks in, carrying bags, staring at the surrounding walls, lost in thought. She desperately asks people about where Ginny may be. Her heel gets caught while going up the grand staircase and she tries frantically to release it. She eventually pulls back enough to manage a devastating fall which renders her unconscious and lying on the floor of the entrance hall till morning…or until someone finds her*

Current Mood: nostalgic
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Sunday, March 9th, 2003
11:45 am
::On her break from Flourish and Blotts::
::Sitting in the Leaky Cauldron having lunch, and reading an old book on the creation of spells, barely aware of her food, and completely unaware of the other customers.::
Saturday, March 8th, 2003
5:38 pm
::Room in the Leaky Cauldron::
*lying on the bed only half-awake, he gently pets a sleeping Moira as she rests on his stomach, perfectly content to do absolutely nothing on one of his few days off. Just before he drifts off into a light doze, he idly wonders where Fred is.*

Current Mood: sleepy
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Friday, March 7th, 2003
7:18 pm
*comes home...
...from a particularly long day at work, peeling out of her business jacket and skirt as she starts for the bathroom, kicking off her shoes and hopping into a hot shower, thankful to be home*
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6:56 pm
*sprawled out on the balcony...
...of the suite that he and Flint are on their honeymoon in, having enjoyed this week far too much to leave, although he knows that he has to soon, looking up at the stars, happier than he has ever been, a slight smile on his face as he looks about*
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2:42 pm
::locks herself in the Prefect Bathroom, after having conned the password out of her Gryffindor Prefect friend, wanders around a bit, looking at the tub with the handles and the stack of towels, thinking this is the only reason she'd want to be a Prefect::

Wow... nice...

::strips off her robes and clothes and piles them in a corner on the floor, looking at the assortment of bath oils and bubble baths sitting along a little shelf, coming down to the last bottle of oil, runs her finger over the label::

I don't think you belong in here... ::grins:: Who's been having fun in here? Naughty naughty in the Prefect Bathroom...? ::shrugs a bit, picking up the bottle of sex oil:: Oh well, when in Rome...

::takes the bottle over to the bath and gets in, filling the tub with about 4 inches of hot water, then squirts some oil into her hand, feels her pulse start to speed up a bit in anticipation::

Calm down, Ginny, it's just "me time"....

::trails off, letting her well lubricated hand wander down between her legs, and tipping her head back, trying not to make too many soft grunts, moans and whimpers...::

Current Mood: horny
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12:28 pm
*walking down Diagon Alley*
*on his way to his office having just come from a meeting with a few Ministry officials, he pulled his cloak tighter around his shoulders as he went down the street, his mind wander back to the night before and he smiled as it did. It had been very nice, unconsciously he reached up and stroked the mark on his neck, he hadn't gotten around to getting it healed, but he would...eventually, probably.*

Current Mood: tired
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Thursday, March 6th, 2003
8:01 pm
::walking down the sidewalk in Diagon Alley, humming softly to himself, hands in his pockets, glancing around as he walks, contemplating taking the position with the Ministry just so he can be closer to his family, wondering about Charlie and what exactly he's been doing lately, thinks he has a pretty good idea, figuring that it's involving Percy::

Owl to PercyCollapse )
Wednesday, March 5th, 2003
9:03 pm
*standing in the hall outside Roger's flat, knocks on the door, leaning against the doorframe, smirking, he had followed the address on the card and was here to collect what was owed him*

Current Mood: predatory
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1:22 pm
*in an outdoor cafe*
*in Diagon Alley, hands wrapped around the mug in front of him, trying to warm up because of the persistent chill he's had lately, attempting to keep his mind off of his encounter with Terence, sighing slightly and turns back to the file on the table between his arms*

Current Mood: working
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Tuesday, March 4th, 2003
6:38 pm
::sitting in the Great Hall::
::chasing peas around her plate with her fork, sighs a bit and rests her head on her hand::

Why didn't you go see Fred and George this weekend, Gin? You really should have gone. You miss them a lot, don't you? And Ron? And... well, Charlie, Percy, Bill, Mum, Da...

::takes a bite of mashed potatoes and glances up around the hall::

I wonder where Colin is. Someone. Anyone, really. To talk to.

::turns back down to her plate and chases her peas again, accidentally knocking a few of them off her plate and onto the bench and the floor::


::keeps her eyes on her plate and sighs again::

Current Mood: tired
2:00 pm
*in her flat*
*sitting at the dinning room table with the several newspapers in front of her, hunting for townhouse rentals and other availble listings, having just sent a quick owl to Fred asking him a favor, now humming slightly to herself as she looks for both a place for her and Cade to live and somewhere for their new office*

Owl to FredCollapse )

Current Mood: cheerful
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Monday, March 3rd, 2003
8:22 am
*in Diagon Alley*
*leaving Knockturn Alley, having just come from a meeting with a few of his underlings, very dissapointed in how things were going lately. First there were rumours of a certain member of the organazation wanting out. A member he himself had recruited. Then there was that whole altercation with Warrington a few days ago and now another one with some one else who had to be one of the good guys. Everywhere he turned they seemed to be coming out of the wood work to get him. Stopping in front of a store window he look at his reflection in the glass, there was no longer any evidence of his brawl the day before, it had all been erased*

Current Mood: irritated
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Sunday, March 2nd, 2003
8:09 pm
*in the "honeymoon suite"*
*laying back on the bed, smiling slightly, lost in thought, idily playing with his wedding band, can hardly believe that he's married, let along to Oliver Wood, grins a little because he's finding that he's never been happier*
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8:03 pm
*coming into the flat*
*bruised, his lip bleeding slightly, having had a bit of a run in with his latest target this afternoon, staring down at the ground, not really paying attention to anything, walking into the bathroom and immediately starting to doctor his bruises and cuts, wincing slightly as he touches the one on his lip*
7:58 pm
*in Diagon Alley*
*walking down the sidewalk, depending heavily on her cane, more than usual, a side-effect from her most recent experience with the remaining Death Eaters, that only serving to strengthen her resolve to get out, sighing slightly as she stops in front of Quality Quidditch Supplies, staring at the display window, shaking her head slightly, muttering* You're an idiot, Angie. You really are.
Saturday, March 1st, 2003
9:19 pm
*studying a potions text intently and taking notes over interesting chapters in front of her fireplace.* ~ Now here is a potion I'd like to ask Professor Snape about.Hmm...an hour's worth of invisibility per ounce. Undetectable without a specific charm...*looks up, half hoping for Snape's head to appear in her fireplace*
7:38 pm
*comes into the flat...
...after having spent most of the day on Flint's birthday present, dressed in slacks and a fitting turtleneck, sitting down in an armchair and waiting for Flint to show up*
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12:32 pm
*at a small café in London Proper*
*sits at a table alone, sipping a coffee and reading today’s issue of the daily prophet. She ponders visiting Ron but quickly dismisses the thought, determined to keep work and her personal life separate, still uncertain of where he belonged. She sneers at the men gawking at her from outside the window, contemplating whether or not to hex them. Rolls her eyes, turning away, requesting another drink and muffin*

Current Mood: irritated
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Friday, February 28th, 2003
7:30 pm
*in the flat*
*on the couch, arms crossed over his chest as he lays there fingers idily tracing one of the scars on his arm, having spent the majority of the day after practice going over exactly what he inherited from his sister with the family lawyers, chewing on his bottom lip, thinking that that really wasn't how he wanted to spend an afternoon especially the day before his birthday*

Current Mood: morose
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7:21 pm
*wandering around Diagon Alley...
...after work, cloak pulled tightly around her as she thinks, wind whipping her hair about as she walks, not paying very much attention to her surroudings*
Thursday, February 27th, 2003
5:41 pm
*roaming Hogsmeade*
*having apparated there for the day after checking his vaults at Gringotts and finding the ones still listed under T.M. Riddle to be intact, thankful that his former other half hadn't squandered away that hard earned money, slipping his hands inside of the Muggle trenchcoat he'd bought that morning, just idily wondering the streets, glancing around*

*eventually makes his way up to the main gates of the school, leaning on the bars, looking up at the castle*

Current Mood: nostalgic
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