Ginny Weasley (lilredheadwitch) wrote in expectopatronum,
Ginny Weasley

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::sitting in the Great Hall::

::chasing peas around her plate with her fork, sighs a bit and rests her head on her hand::

Why didn't you go see Fred and George this weekend, Gin? You really should have gone. You miss them a lot, don't you? And Ron? And... well, Charlie, Percy, Bill, Mum, Da...

::takes a bite of mashed potatoes and glances up around the hall::

I wonder where Colin is. Someone. Anyone, really. To talk to.

::turns back down to her plate and chases her peas again, accidentally knocking a few of them off her plate and onto the bench and the floor::


::keeps her eyes on her plate and sighs again::
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