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*in an outdoor cafe*

*in Diagon Alley, hands wrapped around the mug in front of him, trying to warm up because of the persistent chill he's had lately, attempting to keep his mind off of his encounter with Terence, sighing slightly and turns back to the file on the table between his arms*
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*walks up behind him and says in Roger's ear* You look cold, love. *nuzzles Roger's neck, pressing a kiss just below Roger's ear* Want me to warm you?
*lips tugging upwards in a slightly half-smile, half-smirk as his eyes flicker shut, shrugs slightly* That depends. What did you have in mind?
*nips Roger's earlobe* Oh, I have a lot of things in mind. *slides on hand under the hem of Roger's shirt, stroking his stomach, while the other reached around and slide down Roger's chest* And you'll enjoy all of them.
*sucks in a breath at that, leaning back slightly as his neck arches, eyes still lightly shut, swallowing slightly, raises an eyebrow, mutters, his voice still surprisingly calm* Oh? Care to share?
*nibbling the back of Roger's neck, he whispered in his ear* I think I'll keep it a surprise. *knowing that the table top will cover what's he's doing from the eyes of any one nearby Terence let the hand on Roger's stomach slide into his pants, grasping Roger's erection* Do you like surprises, Roger?
*bites his lip to keep back a moan, shifting his hips up into Terence's touch, swallowing slightly, his mouth suddenly dry, and completely unable to deny how good that feels, whispers, his voice quivering just slightly, but still mostly calm* Hmmm? Surprises are good, I suppose.
What about this, Roger? *Terence began to stroke Roger* Do you like this? *threading his fingers through Roger's hair, he tugged his head back, baring his throat, he began biting and sucking on Roger's neck, marking him, then whispered against his skin* Tell me how much you like this Roger. Or else I may get bored and stop.
*lets out a little whimper at being marked, breathing heavily, pressing his lips against Terence's ear, whispering* What would you like me to say? That that feels better than anything I've felt in ages? *dropping his voice slightly as he lets out another soft moan* Or how about how, honestly, I'd probably let you take me on this table right now...? *shrugs slightly, his hips arching slightly into Terence's touch*
*biting down hard on Roger's neck and sucking on it while moving his hand faster on Roger's cock, the hand in his hair tugging harder then finally letting go with his teeth* That's exactly what I want to hear. Now tell me what you're going to do for me once I get finished jerking you off in public.
*very nearly drawing blood as he bites into his lip, trying very hard not to moan or cry out or possibly both, swallow slightly, his lips still against Terence's ear as he whispers* Honestly? I want to feel you in my mouth, but maybe that's just me... *letting out another low moan, his body tightening*
*licking the already bruising spot on Roger's neck, he continued moving his hand roughly on Roger's erection* Oh, no. It's not just you. I want to feel your lips on me. Because I can tell that your mouth was made to suck my cock. *moving his head, he kissed Roger brutally, his hand still holding Roger's head still*
*letting out a low moan at that, honestly loving the way the bite feels on his neck, finding that he needs the loss of control, returning the kiss just as brutally and hungrily, bringing one hand up to tangle in Terence's hair, gasping against his mouth as his body tenses more, getting very close to coming*
*knowing that Roger is close, he speeds up his movements, continueing to kiss him, thrusting his tongue into Roger's mouth, before breaking the kiss and whispering to Roger* Scream for me. *then bites down on Roger's neck harder than before*
*presses his face against Terence's neck to muffle the scream, but scream he does, as he starts to come, breathing heavily and arching into Terence's hand*
*gives a small pleased smile, his fingers relaxing in Roger's hair, petting him gently, his teeth loosenly on Roger's neck sucking gently then kissing before whispering* Did you have fun, pet?
*still trying to catch his breath, nods slightly, muttering* Oh, yes. I think that was very much fun. *arching his neck slightly, smirking just a little bit, his fingers still lightly tangled in Terence's hair*
*slowly pulling his hand out or Roger's pants, he grinned and began to lick the cum from his hand* Taste good. *moves to sit in the chair next to Roger, continuing to lick his hand clean* I'd say my day was rather lovely so far. What about yours?
*watches him do that with heavy-lidded eyes, sitting back in the chair, muttering a quick cleaning charm so his pants aren't ruined, smirks slightly* Oh, I definitely think this has been one of my better days.
*smiles at him predatorily* And it's going to get even better. Trust me. *reaches out and strokes his thumb over Roger's mouth* Now where shall so that I can let you use that wonderful mouth of yours?
*sucks Terence's thumb inside his mouth, licking it slightly, running his tongue up along the underside, eyes meeting Terence's, then pulls back with a wicked smirk, raising an eyebrow as he rises to his feet* Oh. You wanted that now? *shrugs, still smirking, leans over pressing his lips to Terence's as he slips a card (with Roger's address on it) in his front pocket, muttering* Have a nice day, pet. *smirks, turning and heading out of the cafe*
*can't help but grin as he mutters* One more thing I'm going to have to punish him for. I'm going to enjoy this. *gets to his feet, leaves a galleon on the table to cover Roger's food before going back to work*