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::locks herself in the Prefect Bathroom, after having conned the password out of her Gryffindor Prefect friend, wanders around a bit, looking at the tub with the handles and the stack of towels, thinking this is the only reason she'd want to be a Prefect::

Wow... nice...

::strips off her robes and clothes and piles them in a corner on the floor, looking at the assortment of bath oils and bubble baths sitting along a little shelf, coming down to the last bottle of oil, runs her finger over the label::

I don't think you belong in here... ::grins:: Who's been having fun in here? Naughty naughty in the Prefect Bathroom...? ::shrugs a bit, picking up the bottle of sex oil:: Oh well, when in Rome...

::takes the bottle over to the bath and gets in, filling the tub with about 4 inches of hot water, then squirts some oil into her hand, feels her pulse start to speed up a bit in anticipation::

Calm down, Ginny, it's just "me time"....

::trails off, letting her well lubricated hand wander down between her legs, and tipping her head back, trying not to make too many soft grunts, moans and whimpers...::
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